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We are experienced and pre-service teachers who have the expertise to assist your child with assignments.

Beth Fehlbaum provides assistance with writing assignments.She brings extensive experience in working with learners of all strengths over the past 23 years. She is Secondary English/Language Arts/Reading/ESL certified in the state of Texas, and she has spent the bulk of her career as an educator of At-Risk learners. She has been consistently identified as a person with strong skills in making content comprehensible while supporting and scaffolding growth in her students.

Beth holds high expectations and high standards for herself as well as her students, and because she has the knowledge and skills to provide learners with consistent support, she is able to push them to excel. She holds an M.Ed. with an emphasis on Reading and a B.A. in English, minor Secondary Education. She is a traditionally-published novelist as well as a freelance editor, and she utilizes these skills to guide students to experience full literacy.

David Grager is a pre-service educator. He provides assistance with math and social studies assignments through grade 8. He also brings extensive real-world experience that can help with any social studies assignment. David has 12 years’ experience in the world of American Politics and Government. His career began with internships with the Mayor of Columbus, OH campaign team, and a US Congressional internship in Washington to Managing Statehouse and Congressional Campaigns with six-figure budgets. He has been a certified Substitute Teacher in the State of Ohio since 2019. While he has spent the bulk of his career in politics, he has a strong passion for teaching others, whether it be the hundreds of volunteers managed, dozens of interns managed, or the students he works with as a substitute teacher.

David is an extremely dedicated and hard worker with a passion for the subject matter and the real world experience to help students connect to academics deeply because they can see the relevancy of the content to their own lives.  He has a B.A. in Political Science from Kent State University with a Minor in Public Policy.

Alissa Vande Vaarst provides assistance with reading. She has six years of experience working in secondary English Language Arts classrooms and has worked with students in grades 6-12. She has a Masters of Education in Curriculum Instruction and Design as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She currently teaches regular and pre-AP literature courses at the middle school level in Texas.

Alissa’s passion for teaching comes from her passion for the written word. She believes her primary responsibility as an educator is to inspire students to fully engage and explore the world around them through literature. Her specialties include aiding students with close reading and analysis, encouraging students to develop meaningful connections with texts, and leading students through critical thinking techniques.

Trustworthy Professionals

We offer academic help to
American students in 6th-12th grades. We check over your child’s work and identify specific areas where understanding is weak, then we remediate and reteach in order to strengthen academic ability. We do not, however, “do the work” for your child. You may trust that our goal is to enhance your child’s skills in a way that is supportive through limited modeling and reteaching of vital concepts. By experiencing success, a student’s self-confidence and intrinsic motivation grows!

Affordable, Convenient, Available

We charge $25 per hour, payable to our individual Venmo accounts in advance of your appointment. If you prepay 4 hours in advance, you receive $10 off.
We can book appointments weekly or on an as-needed basis; however, please be aware that there will be times we are fully scheduled and unable to meet on short notice, so booking an appointment on a regular basis is a way to guarantee our availability.
With the lightning-fast growth of remote and e-learning, it’s more important than ever that students have extra support when needed.

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